Framed Bags - an amazing design idea

Ok, so wow !
I saw this photo (below) on The Wifey Chronicles, her blog is ah-may-zing, & she seems to really have a knack for designing beautiful spaces !
Basically, you use a whole bunch of different sized designer bags & frame them as a photo feature ! I cant get over how good it looks & its a win-win, as a beautiful way to declutter all my saved bags !

Next year when i (finally) make the 'big move' with M, i am definitely going to attempt this...How do you think it would look if i used dust bags aswell ?


  1. No I didn't come up with it, but it is an awesome idea, isn't it? I saved the picture to my laptop a while ago so I had no idea where I got it from.
    I love your blog too, started following!

  2. Oh! What a delight! I have all these saved bags too and I have no idea what I was going to do now! I love the Hermes and Tiffany bags together. They really pop!