August Goals Update

Hello, it's me again

How have you been. It sure has been a while.
I wish i didn't start so many posts like this, boo me
Anyway,  i'm nothing if not positive, so tonight i finally got the chance to sit down and reassess my month goals

Here is how i went with my August list...

1.  Declutter 
We're slowly getting through everything ! I like to work in 'pockets' so it's not overwhelming. On the last weekend of August, whilst it was sunny i opened the back door, popped some music on and cleaned up this bothersome spot. I still have alot to go (hello, spare room) but just cleaning up one spot has already made me feel so much lighter 

2.  Order our wedding album & box up wedding dress
Yay! So i had my beautiful dress dry cleaned and boxed up. I just wish there was more i could do with it, i wish it could have a second life outside of it's new box. Aside from donating it or severely altering it i cant really think of any options. I dd see this on Pinterest & i love the idea of it but would probably need a new house and gigantic wardrobe to make it happen 

3.  Set aside time to work on my blog each Sunday
Well. This has been on my list since January 2016, enough said 

4.  Go on an adventure
I probably should have picked a month other than August to do this as winter adventures are not as appealing haha

5.  Create a budget
This is in the process! We're moving house in  January and i think the best way to go about a new budget is to assess our new expenses and create it from there. 2017 is definitely the year for taking control of these manageable household items to make like smoother and easier (and ensure there's month set aside for a holiday 

So this only took me 5 months to update! Not good
I'm definitely in an inspired state of mind right now so i think a January goals list will follow

Big Love, Lauren

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