When other people's issues become you own...


Wedding planning is stressing me the eff out !

I hate swearing, my grandma always said to me 'ladies never swear' but honestly, i think ladies do swear ! I think some of the best ladies out there are partial to dropping the odd 'F' bomb when it's called for

The reason for my swearing in this instance is that 2 couples in our bridal party are separating (1 divorcing, 1 ending a 5 year relationship)

I am heart broken for the fact that my friends are so unhappy, it really devastates me whenever a relationship close to me ends, its even more upsetting to wonder how long they were unhappy for before things ended.

I am heart broken for the fact that the wedding party i had envisioned, the plan in my head with all our close friends is now never going to be a reality. I'm a bit all over the place at the moment, bouncing between thoughts of being upset for myself & M as well as thoughts of being upset for how our friends must be feeling. Then i have pangs of guilt for thinking about myself in amongst everyone else's misery !

Right now my head is all over the place
I wish i had happier stories to tell :)


  1. I can definitely see why that would be upsetting for you, especially because now your friends may (or may not!) expect you to be mediator on the day.

    I really hope it all runs smoothly for you and that your friends will be ok. xx

  2. Oh gosh I totally understand your upset! I always get very emotionally involved in other peoples issues! Lovely blog, I'm looking for new blogger friends so if you would like to check out my blog and follow let me know and i'll follow you too! Have a lovely day :) http://dreamlovelivefashion.blogspot.co.uk


  3. Wonderful blog! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award; check it out here:http://dream-seek-believe.blogspot.com.au/2014/09/liebster-award.html