Engagement Party Planning - 7 & 6 weeks to go !

Um can i start off with saying where has January gone ??
M & i have both just applied for new jobs & they both closed on the long weekend so much of our time has been spent on that, we've also had a fairly high amount of added stress from someone reversing into our beloved Jeep & a bungled bedroom furniture delivery !

Oh life you funny thing !

The best bit is, we are both happy & healthy
I don't want to get all 'preachy' on you, i'm just feeling the love hehehe

So i feel like we have done very little in the way of planning for the e-party but when i write it down it actually seems we have done more than i thought.

During the week we stocked up on some spirits at Aldi.
Speaking of feeling the love, i LOVE Aldi !! Wow, we have relatives in Tasmania, where there is no Aldi & i can't imagine a life without it !
We bought the Aldi vodka, 2 of those, a Jack Daniel's something or other (M picked it) & some Malibu (i picked that). With alcohol we're planning to have big buckets full of ice with beer, wine & soft drinks in them & then a few bottles of spirits on the side for people to help themselves too. We're also planning to hire a frozen slushie machine & have some big beverage dispensers with non-alchoholic iced tea & cordial in for people to enjoy straight or spike if they like (it's a winner if it rhymes). I still want to buy a couple more spirits to add, i'm thinking midori, frangelico & maybe alize ? M wants some rum too which should round out the tray quite nicely :)

The main things we've done the past 2 weeks are:


- Pinterest mood board
- Bought a basket from ikea (more on this idea to come)
- Bought some colourful coasters, these will form part of what's on each table
- Spoke to a lovely friend about making my own flower centerpieces
- Bought chalk, also from ikea, to draw on the pavement outside the hall
- Drew a floor plan
- Bought some spirits
- Got my clear balloons in the mail
- Got some great ideas from ikea, like colourful table runners & pots to hold forks / spoons
- Borrowed some big 7ltr drink dispensers
- Got cups

So there you go, things are coming together
This coming week will be a turning point i think, we'll hopefully have the food all sorted & some decorations made up !

Sorry this post was so blergh ! My camera is dead & i really wanted to put up an update
My next update should be ready by Friday this coming week, if i work on it each night & keep track of what i've done it comes together much easier

Thanks for reading x

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  1. Good luck with it! =)