Engaged !

So there is a story i need to share with you all
It's very sentimental & funny, also a little bit cute !

It is the story of how M & i came to be engaged..

It begins on October 26, we were staying at the Q Station near Manly to celebrate the wedding of 2 of our closet friends. The next day we were flying out to Hawaii for what would become my favorite holiday EVER !!

Anyway, we got dressed up, went to the wedding & had a marvellous time !! I got a bit 'happy' off of the free flowing champagne & started sooking about not being engaged / married to M, it went a little something like this... 'Babe i love you so much & all i want forevvvvvvvvver it to spend my life with you *sob sob* when are we going to get married *hiccup* wahhhhhhh'. I wouldn't say i was a mess cause i wasn't but i WAS being a sook !! So M gave the me usual speil 'you know i love you', 'it will happen in good time' yada yada. I guess that was good enough for me cause i was out for the night, maybe because of the champagne, maybe because of the super comfy bed :) who's to say ?

The next day i was back to the usual laid back Lauren, no pressure for a ring (at least not that i showed) & no mention of wanting a proposal. All was good in the hood. So off we flew to Hawaii

On the second night we were there, M started making mention about wanting to book a table at Duke's for the 30th (the night we first met in 2009). Didn't seem suss to me, because of course if M was going to propose i would know. I was the girl that knew these thing ! I knew every present i was getting for christmas, i knew about the secret holiday mum had booked for the family. I just knew these things. People couldn't keep secrets from me & especially not M !! Oh how wrong i was...

We went about enjoying those first few days in Hawaii. Lots of shopping, eating, swimming, all the usual holiday activities & then the 30th rolled around ! Perfectly . Normal . Day

If M was nervous or apprehensive, or even the slightest bit anxious about popping the question, he didn't show it, not today...not ever !

So we started getting ready for dinner, we'd just had a swim in the hotel pool so were having showers & stuff. After i got out, M asked me if he should take his backpack. At first i was like 'no, why do we need a backpack to go to dinner' but he mentioned wanting to take his GoPro to film the sunset & then i decided i needed a pair of thongs to wear if my heels got annoying, so WE decided to take the backpack (see what he did there ?? )

A quick picture we took in the hotel lobby 

Once we got to Dukes the sun was setting & we were seated outside. I'm sure everyone says it, but that night was absolutely perfect. Excuse me whilst i get sentimental for a moment. There was a light breeze, not the kind that blows your hair into your lipgloss or sand into your eyes, but they sort of breeze that just makes you aware of being outside. The sunset was the prettiest i have ever seen, ever. Waikiki beach was pretty empty, there were enough people around to make an atmosphere but not too many that it felt crowded. The sand was dry & easy to walk on & the humidity was non existent. It was perfect !

We ordered. I remember getting rice paper rolls & M didn't like them (which i was secretly happy about) so i ate the whole plate, there were only 4 but still, so delicious ! Next up i got calamari & M got a sirloin or some sort of steak. OMG i think this was the best part of his night, in fact the whole trip !! He LOVED this steak ! You know after you eat something super delicious you spend the next 5 minutes like 'oh wow, that steak ! Did you see it ? You should have had some. My god, that steak was delicious. i think that was the best steak of my life ! But seriously, OMG that steak'

The beloved steak

After M's love affair with the steak he had just consumed died down, we decided to walk along the beach. I switched my heels to thongs & off we went

So we're walking, i was pretty full at this point ! We hadn't had dessert but he promised me we could pick up a carton of Ben & Jerry's on the way back to the hotel room, so i was kinda anticipating that too. We kept walking & walking, M was just chatting away about the trip & things we were going to do over the next few days. We had walked up to the peak of Diamond Head earlier that day so we were both pretty tired, but we kept walking along the beach. I asked M why we were still walking & he said something about 'wanting to find the perfect spot, to sit for a bit' so i went along with it, in my head i was secretly hoping for some Ben & Jerry's !

Looking out at the pretty sunset as we were walking, sigh...i miss Hawaii already 

M found a spot, if you've ever been to Hawaii & walked along Waikiki beach we stopped around the same area as the Duke statue. M sat down in the sand & had his arm around me, we were both talking about how pretty it was & what a good night we had had. He said he was so glad he had gone to the same club as me all those years ago & i agreed. Then he reached behind me to get something from his backpack...

the GoPro of course !

He suggested we walk down to the shore line as someone had drawn a heart in the sand, turned out it was just a weird circle that he quickly traced into a heart. Then all of a sudden he was right in front of me. He was holding both my hands & kind of swinging them. He was staring at me with this seriously but loving expressions. He started saying things like 'how happy he was', 'how he knew he had found his soulmate', 'how much in love he was'...then he let go of my hands

**The dialogue inside my head **
What in the heck is going on
This can't be happening
Where is the GoPrro
Is this a prank
So help him if he thinks this is funny
Wait, he's serious

The circle / heart 

I shouted at him 'babe, is this for real, are you serious' ! He nodded & the next thing i knew he was on one knee in the sand with the most perfect, shiny, beautiful diamond ring i had ever seen. He said, so clearly, 'will you marry me'. I lent over and snapped the box shut ! I was so shocked i didn't know what was happening, well i did know what was happening but i couldn't quite comprehend or process it ! i kept asking him 'are you sure', 'is this real' ?? It was crazy town !!

I was laughing & screaming & jumping & running in little circles, i was like a woman possessed  but a happy one. Then it occurred to me 'M, you didn't put the ring on my finger ! put it on, put it on' he came back at me with 'you didn't say yes' 'oh ! yes yes yes' & then the ring was there ! A perfectly perfect ring of perfectness

And that is how it happened ! A lovely older couple witnessed it & came over to say congratulations. We probably spent another 5 minutes sitting there taking it all in, i was shaking my head alot, in fact all of me was shaking alot' he asked me if i liked it, only once though because he knew i LOVED it ! I kept staring at it & cursing my decision not to get a manicure the day before ! After a bit of time we decided to walk back to the room, we were pretty loved up ! Cuddling, walking arm in arm, stopping to have a kiss at pedestrian crossings hahahaha & you know what we didn't care ! We were so happy together

On the corner before our hotel, M popped in to the convenience store & returned with my favorite flavour of Ben & Jerry's & a little bottle of champagne. Such a thoughtful boy ! We got ice from the ice machine on the way back into the hotel & had the best night with our ice cream & wine. Skyping people & calling friends back home

It was honestly the best proposal i could have imagined !
I am a lucky girl


  1. Hhaha that is quite romantic, Congrats on your engagement ^_^

  2. A beautiful story!!! Congrats! =)
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  3. That is so exciting!!! Congratulations. The ring is perfect!

  4. I think we are e-ring twins!! Also, did your old instagram account disappear?