DIY: Stash & Store your Lush Soaps !

Hello Lovelies, 

This is my first attempt at a DIY video ! 
I personally LOVE reading posts about cool or creative things bloggers have come up with & have been wanting to try a DIY post myself. 

So i am super obsessed with Lush soaps, but they're always under the sink in paper &  plastic wrap, which is kind of a shame because they're so pretty !! After a but of thinking I came up with a great way to store them that keeps them protected from bathroom moisture but also shows them off.

This is how:

You will need: 
* Lush Soaps 
* Roll of Cling Wrap 
* A Glass Jar 
* A Knife (Cheese knives work best)
* A Chopping Board 
* A Pair of Scissors 

First, cut the blocks into smaller pieces. Lush always seems to sell their soap in weird or obscure shapes ?

Second, wrap the pieces in the cling wrap really tight 

Third, make a big pile of delicious Lush chunks & plop them all in a decorative glass jar to keep in you bathroom 

Here is it !! 

Please excuse my icky bathroom tiles, we're planning a renovation soon ! 
As you can see I like to 'group' things on shelves 

Hahahaha until next time 

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