50 Days Sugar Free - a recap

So i've recently finished the 50 days sugar free challenge 

Let me just say it was HARD !! There are so many things that have added sugar, one thing this challenge has definitely made me aware of. 
I had a hard time avoiding all sugar, so i focused mainly on avoiding obvious sugar (cake, lollies, soft drinks ect), there were a few nights where M cooked an amazing stir fry using a store bought packet sauce mix, which has a teeny bit of added sugar...how could i say no to that, it was satay too & delicious. Mhhhhm could go some of that right now  

Another thing i noticed myself doing was eating anything & everything (without sugar) just to satisfy my craving, which didn't work & left me feeling bloated & yuck, due to that downfall i didn't see myself loosing any weight, so after 30 days i allowed myself to have sugar !! I've kept track of how often i eat foods that contain sugar & it's sitting around once per day. 

I'm glad i attempted the 50 days sugar free challenge, but i wouldn't do it again. Completely restricting any one food group is never a good idea, as your body seems to panic a little & have withdrawals. 

I think i'll stick to the adage of 'everything in moderation' 


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