Life update

Hey you guys, it's ben a while huh ?

You might have been wondering where i've been ? Last Wednesday i jetted off to New Zealand for my first attempt at snowboarding EVER !! OMG you guys, it was amazing & i want to go back

I don't have any (flattering) photos of me on the slopes, but i do have a video, would that be lame to post ? Anyway here are some breathtaking shots of the scenary, we stayed in Wanaka.

I also got Instagram !! This app is the best, if you'd like to follow me my username is laurenyd :) be warned though, i am slightly obsessed & post alot !!

There are a few other things going on in my life, exciting happy things !! I can't wait to share & will definitely be doing another blog post about that in the coming days 

Hope you all are well

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  1. Wanaka is beautiful especially at this time of the year. Your making me homesick for NZ with your fantastic photos. Glad you had fun :)