Photos from our Home

It has been almost a month since I last blogged, this is due in most part to my lack of internet, but more on that later

I wanted to share with you some photos from our new home.
It’s such an exciting time, I feel like I have just have a baby or something  & everyone is keen to see it !! Lots of people have contacted me asking how the move went & what the new place was like, I thought it would be easier to post these photos & give you some insight to how we’re travelling 

Let's begin with some pretty things from around our home ! These beautiful yellow lily's were bought by M, apparently they only cost $4.99 from Aldi, who knew you could even get flowers from there !! The pink roses are from our neighbor, she is a little old lady who has a community garden & always gives me roses from there, they smell lovely too ! We're really lucky to have such nice people around us :) I love having 'fresh' things in our home, fresh fruit, flowers & our fish !! These little guys are so happy & constantly swimming around, their tank is a Fluval Chi which doubles as a water feature because the filter runs through the top & creates a trickling sound over the rocks. It is such a relaxing sound & watching the fish is soothing too. Just like Nigella's cooking mmmmmhm 

Some more pretty things ! I adore these plastic tumblers from Costco, they were cheap but are so cute !! Especially when M has 'the boys' over...if they get tipsy or a bit over zealous when playing Xbox they can't break 'em, which is a benefit !! In the middle picture is one of my jewelry drawers, we have the Hemnes 8-draw unit in White Gloss from Ikea in our bedroom, it's so pretty & handy !! I love it when storage & aesthtics combine :) To continue our foray into prettiness, these apothocary jars are for our bathroom (once it's renovated) I'm planning on putting cotton eye makeup removal pads in the tall one & bath bombs in the curvy one (lush haul pleassssse) 

If your boyfriend wants to buy Lakers coloured towels, just say NO !! They result in purple fluff everywhere, like in ever single place !! Something that doesn't attract mess is our beautiful Hemnes bookcase ! We've been using it as a place to display things as well as store books, see if you can spot my very favorite book :) Ohhh and thats my Babushka carafe, i love love love it !! I almost look forward to getting thirsty during the night, just so i can use it 

We've been doing so much DIY work lately, just a tip for when building Ikea furniture YOU MUST BE ANAL, hahahaha !! It's actually pretty easy to build their stuff, we also redid our wardrobe. On the first weekend after we moved in M went to get a hoodie & noticed the whole rail had fallen down !! Kind of a problem, so we went to our new favorite shop Masters & bought a whole new interior for like $120...i'm planning on a blog post to detail their awesome range ! Anyway, as you can see our closet is now all organised & lovely !!

Lastly, this is our spare room / study, its a bit fugly at the moment but i have big plans to organise it this long weekend !! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, i cant wait to show you more & more of our house as it comes together 
Peace xx


  1. This looks fabulous! Your place is so pretty! I can't wait to see more! Welcome back to blogging!

  2. I love this post... and the new blog design is lovely!

    Looking forward to more posts, thank you! haha.