Floriade !

Heidi Ho Bloggers !!

So this long weekend we went to floriade, down in ye olde Canberra
The weather was super gross the day we got there, so we went to the casino (major letdown) had pizza's & watched 'Honey i Shrunk the Kids'

This morning i woke up to b-e-a-uuuutiful weather, clear sky's and even sunshine !
I went for a short stroll to pick up a latte & hot chocolate for M & I, then we were bound for Floriade


This pond was SO serene

Laker colours

a field of piiiiink <3

M is a hardcore Laker fan

Having a whiff

Prancing in the flowers

Hope this makes you feel all spring-y
All photo credits must go to M, he has the most creative eye !

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