Recently i have been thinking of some things i'd like to change, before summer...

Lets get into my 'mid-to-end-of-the-year/preparing-for-summer resolutions'

1 - Brush my teeth BEFORE i get to work. I have no trouble staring aimlessly into the mirror & brushing my little heart out of a nightime, or on weekends...but in the morning i too frequently rely on my emergency brush set at work. Not good, not good at all ! I squirm the whole way to work, scolding myself for being such a 'dirty girl'

2 - Drink 2 litres of water throughout the day & a big glass before/after bed. I have always been bad at hydration, there is, of course, a story behind why i never drink enough water but thats for another time...for now though i need to up the water intake so i feel lovelier come summer, the health benefits are boundless !

3- Walk my puppies EVERY night & walk to work (sort of) each morning. My little pumpkin gets walked each night as it is, but usually by my mum...from now on i want to walk her each night along with my sisters dog for at least 30 minutes. Gym's do not agree with me, i am far to self conscious & easily distracted to reap any possible benefits from them so i dont go...i have been a member in the past and ew, not for me. As for walking to work of a morning, i get of at the stop before & walk for 10-15 mins, it not a big difference but it makes me feel more refreshed and ready to walk (also takes my mind of my failure to action point 1)

4- Keep a food journal for 1 week. Ok, so overall i eat pretty healthy but everyone slips and if you were to ask me if my body is 'bikini ready' i would hang my head in shame, sigh a big 'no' & proceed to eat a whole bag of fun size snickers. It's not a pretty picture. In my defense i am not overweight or in any risk of bad health from my weight (size 10 top/size 8 bottom) but i do feel like the habits i develop now will effect my health later, hence the want to find out all the empty calories i am consuming.

5- Be more polished. I long to be the girl with the seemingly effortless put-together style. I tried the style without effort, epic fail & have since learned that 'seemingly effortless style' is actually quite full of effort.

These are my to-do's before summer hits, cause once its here i turn into shamu

So it may be baby steps before i have sufficiently actioned the above steps, but regardless the progress made, i will be updating you all.

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  1. Aw I love Shamuuuuu!

    I too need to start getting serious about prepping to be summer ready!